My Canadian Experience in Words


Moving somewhere new is never easy to do. Hearing stories and rumors plus the fear of the unknown made my heart pitter-patter and at times I felt all alone. But then I arrived in this great City of Windsor. I did not see what others saw, of all the stories and rumors I heard, I never felt the hate. Yes, I was different, my wardrobe may have not been the same but people accepted me just the way I am and called me by my name.

Now its 8 years I’ve been here and I’ve seen a few things. I’m thankful for all my experience and the joys they bring. Windsor is a great place, no matter what ethnicity you are. You have an opportunity to just be yourself, an opportunity to reach for the stars. Yes, my skin is dark and I dress to respect both my cultural and religion, but I’ve never been treated any different. I’m still full of dreams and have great desires. Although I was not born in this country, their hospitality was grand. And here I am, 18 years old and not treated any different, just another Canadian!



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