How Spoken Words Reflect an Omoluabi


What does Omoluabi mean? Omoluabi is from the Western region of Nigeria, which is an African Country. It is a word used to describe an individual with great and awesome character. Omoluabi in context is a person of great integrity and great respect to everyone, so most times Yorubas tend to draw conclusions about your upbringing from your spoken words and character with the term Omoluabi. It is believed and traced to your manner soft spoken approaches, respectful and truthful characters. He or she would never disrespect elders in words or character. 

Omoluabi uses words of wisdom and encouragement when speaking. You can never hear an omoluabi curse, insult , backbite or lie. Though an omoluabi will be blunt and truthful but not in a spiteful manner. He or she is always polite and truthful even when confronted. He/she will never raise his voice against anyone for any reason. Ọmọlúàbí even when angry, will never speak evil word out of his/her mouth. In summary, Ọmọlúàbí can be known by the words coming out of his/ her mouth, you can pretend to be one in character but your words will definitely give you away.


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