Let’s Talk About our Words

Close up video of mature african man covering eyes, ears and mouth with hands. Footage of real black man with beard gesturing hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil against white background. Studio 4K RAW video with sharp focus on eyes.

Do you know that the tongue is part of our bodies components, but if you don’t pay close attention, it can be like a sharp sword? The scriptures say it has the power to bless or curse. Therefore, we must not take lightly the words that come out of our mouths because they have a real power that puts us in front of our responsibilities.

Our words impact our thoughts and our way of thinking and is also related to our way of speaking. Our words have strong effects and we often see them when we look at historical characters who made impacts with their: words, quotes and proverbs. If they had not opened their mouths or written their thoughts, we would not recognize them today.

Let us have a look at some examples of famous quotes:

To become the shepherd of his life, stop being the sheep of others. – Marina Bougaieff

When you let another steal your joy, you give them power over you. Don’t let anyone steal your smile. – Mrs. Tammy Marie Johnson
The most influential person talking to you all day is you. So, you must be very careful about what you say to yourself. – Zig Ziglar
Everyday, burn thoughts and words in your mind that align with who you are, make you feel good, and move in the direction of what you want in your heart. – Melki Rish
Never let the opinion of some stop you on your abilities. Be yourself. Dream, plan, realize! – Dr. Steve Maraboli

There are those we meet, who are hardly known, who tell you a word, a sentence, give you a minute, a half hour, and change the course of your life. – Victor Hugo

To keep control of our words, we can choose to shut up or think before speaking. If we don’t want people to remember our words, it’s easy; just don’t talk about them. When we say anything, it’s as if we dilute wine in water, it loses its taste, its flavor. If we speak just because we want to, our words lose impact. Fortunately, on the other hand, the more our words agree with what we are, the more it has strength. Many arguments or misunderstandings can disappear, and the stress level of our life can be greatly diminished, if only we had the wisdom to know when to remain silent.

To help us determine what we need to say, when we need to talk, and who to talk to, here are some tips to follow:
• Be aware of the power of our word
• Think and know how to weigh your words before pronouncing them
• Avoid offensive words
• Control or calm your anger before talking
• If necessary, let’s keep silence.

When we can put these tips into practice, our words will have a positive impact. People will want to approach us and also share their experiences with us. That’s the power of the word, to be a model, a reference point for others.


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