Children’s Articles on Respect


A time I showed respect was when we had a fun day at Water World with YETY. I had so much fun jumping, eating frozen cones and running around with my friends. After, when it was time to go home, I said thank you to the older counsellors because we were happy about what they did for us, except I didn’t hear everyone say thank you. An Omoluabi is a child of character and knows how to be respectful when there are people around but also when no one is looking. I knew it was the right thing to say thank you for having a fun day because they didn’t have to go out of their way to do that for us.

By: Hamudi Mohamed
Mohamed, age 7

A story I have about respect would be when the Windsor Express Owner and Head Coach came to talk to us. I think it was awesome how from the minute they came in and introduced themselves some guys got up to shake their hands to say hello and thank them for coming. I believe that is how children of character show respect because a child of character is supposed to be a respectful child, so when someone older than you is in your presence, you acknowledge them by shaking their hand and greeting them. It is also how we were raised to behave living in African households. It was always taught to many of us when your aunts, uncles, or parents friends come over, we have to go say hello to them and shake their hands as a sign of respect.

By: Sebi Said, age 14

Respect is an action you do to show that you are listening or understanding what they want you to do. Respect is something you do to show moral fibre. When you show respect, you are showing you are a good person and you listen and comprehend people. I think respect means to comprehend, understand and listen to not only yourself but others. The first way you need to know how to show respect is to respect yourself. In this article I will tell you what I think it means to show respect, verbally and on the web.
First, I will talk about showing respect to oneself. That is the first one you must learn in order to respect others. Respecting yourself means you take care of yourself, you love yourself and avoid doing anything bad that might hurt you. Taking care of yourself means you don’t do things like smoking, drinking alcohol or trying to change your appearance. God made you who you are, be proud of it! Another way to respect oneself is to not bully or hate yourself. If you can do all this then you might be able to respect others and get along with them.

The second one is showing respect to others. Showing respect to others mean not fighting, waiting your turn and getting along with others. To me, showing respect to others means getting along with everyone. Be friendly, kind, gentle and empathetic. Another way is to respect others time; don’t waste it! Be considerate of people’s feelings, don’t make fun of someone behind their back. What if that was you? Would you like people talking about you behind their back?

The third one is showing respect on the internet. Showing respect on the internet is trying not to cyberbully anyone. Do the same thing as showing respect to someone in person, but on the internet. Be friendly, use proper language and be nice. If someone tries to provoke you, don’t fall for it and just get off the site. Don’t be a bully. If you see any bullying, go call an adult or report that person. This type of behaviour is frowned upon. Don’t be a bully or a bystander. Stand up for people or report it.

That was what respect means to me. To be respectful to oneself, to be respectful to others and to be respectful to others on the internet. These three things are very important because they will help you avoid trouble in life. This is what respect means to me. Thank you for reading this article.

By: Francine Babo age 11

When I think of respect it reminds me of Aretha Franklin’s song,

“RESPECT”. When you earn respect from people it validates who you are, and the faith people put in you. You are trustworthy. You are above reproach and have integrity. Someone has put their faith in you and will vouch for you; they will recommend you to others; they will put their own reputation on the line for you. They are counting on you to live up to their expectations because they value who you are and can count on you.

By: Christopher Hill, age 11

Melanie’s picture is about her four friends being sad, so she decided to give them her four crayons.

For Melanie, respect is when you do something nice for someone.

Melanie, age 6

Jaithon’s picture is about Thomas sharing gifts with his best friend Percy.
For Jaithon, respect means to share and say “good job “ to others when they do something nice.

Jaithon, age 8


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