What Respect Means to Me


What does respect mean to me? Respect for me is a deep feeling that influences the way one treats someone who they consider important. Positive feelings and feelings of admiration for that someone are conveyed through actions and speech. Respect for me is reserved for those who I feel are deserving. I believe that true respect, the type of respect that comes from the heart, is built through a bond of mutual admiration and understanding between two people. Being polite, honest and obedient to someone else; not just to impress them, not to receive something in return, not because of their title or because of societal norms and expectations, but because you have a genuine relationship and could not imagine treating them any other way. Respect is not only reserved for those who are superior or who have authority over you. I believe one must give respect in order to receive it. True respect is mutual and at the core of all good relationships. Being courteous and having good manners is very different than truly respecting someone. Respect is personal and connects one’s own values, morals, opinions, views, experiences, and feelings with someone else’s. Good manners and courtesy should be taught and practiced by all, but true respect cannot be taught and does not have to be expressed the way others want. True respect comes from within, it is all yours to give and cannot be dictated by anyone but yourself.


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