Tips on Why you should Show Goodwill


An attitude of kindness or friendliness:

If you do good things to other people you will not only make that person feel good, but you will feel good too. People are good to other people because it’s not only the nice thing to do, but the respectful thing to do.

How to show good will:
You can show goodwill by doing simple things like helping a friend with his math homework or helping to find a neighbor’s cat. When you show goodwill, you can make friends and meet new people.

Benefits of showing good will:
You can get rewards for showing good will and it’s also a good way to resolve conflict. You don’t have to like the person to show goodwill it’s just the friendly thing to do. When you show goodwill to others they might show it to you. Doing good things is a good way to show that you are a nice, kind and helpful person. Even when people aren’t looking, you should still show goodwill.

If you don’t show good will:
If you don’t show good will you won’t have any friends to help you with stuff like your homework or help you find your lost cat. It’s not a good thing to do and you could get in trouble for it too. People will not want to hang out with you and they will also think you are not a good person. You won’t live a happy life and you won’t get a good job because you didn’t show goodwill to others.

Treat others the way you want to be treated:
When you don’t treat others nicely chances are you won’t be treated nicely. This may just be a saying, but it’s the right thing to do, especially to your family, friends, neighbors, and teachers at school. The way your life turns out depends on how nice you are to people. Many people who haven’t been treated nicely don’t treat others nicely and end up with a really bad life.

In conclusion, this article explains the benefits of showing goodwill and the disadvantages of not doing good things. Basically, if you don’t show goodwill, you will end up with a really sad life. It’s important to show goodwill to others. Thank you


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