Doing Good to Others Willingly


Goodwill is a word of many meanings, but to me goodwill means being good to others. In this article you will learn what goodwill is and why people practice goodwill.

One reason people practice goodwill towards others is because you feel good about yourself when you see the person who you help happy. Why do people help each other? When you do something good it makes you feel better than doing something bad and when you do something bad, you feel bad. Most people help others every day.

A second reason why people practise goodwill is so the person who you are helping can change and feel thankful. Their feelings change because you went out of your way to help someone who needed it. Sometimes people help others just to make their own day better.

Reason number three is that you can make friendships when you do goodwill towards others. Goodwill is something that’s part of a good friendship

Another reason why people do helpful things is that when you help someone, that person will be more willing to help you. Some people do this because they are grateful. If you help someone bring in groceries, when the time comes, and you need help with something, they will want to repay you.
Also, when you show goodwill, it shows that you are a good person and friend. When you show goodwill, it makes you a good person because you are doing something good for others willingly.

Goodwill is a trait that most people have, it is a word that means doing something good willingly. I hope you learned about goodwill and I hope that you enjoyed the article.


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