The Differerent Types of Intelligence


“I’m not able, sir.” “I cannot do it, it’s too difficult and I’m not so smart as my friend, sir.” “I am too stupid.” From 8:15 am to 2:15 pm, Monday to Friday, September to June, these are the sentences I hear my classmates continually uttering. It annoys me, because, one, I must hear these completely erroneous sentences all day and two, as we all know, no one is stupid. As I heard my classmates say these words, I realized that they only speak this way when they do not understand something or have a bad grade in their test or that their friend has done better than them. Sincerely I think that no matter how my classmates or anyone else would try to justify the above words or similar words, they are by no means valid. As I said at the beginning, everyone is smart. I add that each person is intelligent, but not the same way. There are what we call, multiple intelligences and everyone has at least one. Here are some examples of multiple intelligences.
• Logico-mathematical intelligence.
• Verbo-Linguistic intelligence.
• Space intelligence.
• Musical / Rhythmic intelligence.
Me, I am verbo-linguistic and Music-Rhythmic. What is your type of intelligence? Every human being has one and everyone must use this intelligence for the good of all. If you are a person with a musical / rhythmic intelligence, and are grown enough, start a small musical group. Your band and you could write music and if everything is fine for you, you could become a very famous band. This will contribute to the growth of Canadian musical diversity. There are many beautiful things that you could achieve with your intelligence, all you need is a little imagination and there you go. Do not use your intelligence to belittle or destroy someone, use it to give faith and hope to those who do not have, and to diversify your surroundings. Thank you, dear readers, for taking the time to read my article and I hope you now know that everyone has one or more intelligences and that everyone must use them very wisely.


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