Everybody knows what intelligence is. Intelligence is the ability to understand and adapt to what you learn. Of all the faculties and abilities that a person can possess, intelligence is the one that people respect most. An intelligent person is more likely to be listened to by others, because this person has extensive knowledge of the subject of which they speak and can easily prove what they say. Intelligence is also of great importance because it opens many doors and opportunities in life. Employers place great importance on intelligence and always prefer to hire the person who has the most of it, because this person will be able to do the required work more efficiently. Therefore, intelligence is an asset that can make a big difference in life.

In addition, there are several types of intelligences: linguistic intelligence, logico-mathematical intelligence, kinesthetic corporal intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, musical intelligence, intra-personal intelligence, and naturalistic intelligence. If a person is not very academically competent, that does not mean that she is not intelligent. This person must simply explore to find out what are her strengths. A person who solves mathematical problems (logicomathematical intelligence) with ease can find himself in trouble when it comes to writing a dissertation (linguistic intelligence). Having said that, being smart in one field does not mean that you are necessarily good at it. That’s why we need to take advantage of our natural abilities and strive to work to expand our skills and knowledge in that area.

In conclusion, intelligence is not a faculty reserved for only certain people. You do not have to be the best or the first in what you do to be smart. On the contrary, intelligence is present in all of us, but it is our responsibility to discover how to shine that intelligence.



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