Respect is not a law, but it is obtained. It means that if you don’t respect people, people will not respect you. Remember the proverb that says, “don’t do to someone what you would not want done to you”. All this is to say that when you are disrespectful to someone, that person will be disrespectful to you too. Yet if you are respectful to a person, many other people will be respectful to you. For example, in my class there are people who always disturb the class when the teacher speaks and cut him off. Sometimes it annoys me because the whole class will end up being punished. But sometimes, when all these disrupters act righteously, our teacher is ready to reward the whole class, and this makes me happy to the point where I interact with these disturbers more frequently. Respect is a practice and not just a word. What do I mean by that? Well, if we tell you that you must learn to respect others but do not do it, what are you doing? Do you think that telling people that you will begin to respect them will make them respect you right away? NO! These people will wait to see you putting your own words into execution, they will wait to see you respect even those who hate you. Finally, respect can be defined in one word, politeness. If you think to respect others but not to be polite, it means that you are not respectful. I encourage everyone to respect each other because it is the key to a solid union.


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