Measuring Success


Hard work. Everyone throws these words around but never stops to realize what they means exactly. Hard work can be measured in many different ways depending on the person you are evaluating. In school, a student can get 90% average in a class and will be labeled a hard working student, yet another student could have worked just as hard and get a 50% and is told they don’t work hard enough. In society, hard work is measured by your results. We tend to focus on the outcome but never really look at the input of hard work. In my opinion, if you give something 110% of your effort, regardless of the outcome, you are hard working. Sadly, that’s not what most people think of when they say the words, hard work. In my personal experience, I work hard when it comes to sports and school. My level of hard work in basketball is measured by how much energy I use; if I’m sweating after a drill, if am executing what’s being asked of me, going full out. But in school, my level of hard work is measured by how much I pay attention in class, and the hours I put in to study.



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