Ask the Elders: Issue 8


Question 1: What was your first job and what is the most important thing you learned from it?

Answer: My first job was at a construction place. I was very young, maybe around 14 or 15. My job was to pick up things that had fallen around the workers and fill buckets with water.
I learned the act of hard work and endurance from this job, and that you had to be there when they needed you, not whenever you wanted. I also learned how to save money and that the little money I made there was very precious to me.
Much different is money you work for compared to money that is given to you as a gift.

Question 2: If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Answer: Nigeria! Maybe as I grow older my heart is there. There is a lot of opportunity to serve and reach out to people and also a lot of people that need help there.

  • Questions by Elija and answers by Mrs. Sabageh


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