Eknors Auto, Guelph echoes the saying that the days of little beginnings must not be despised. This Auto Company is a trailblazer of sorts for all black youths with the vision that all things are possible. Eknors Auto is a black-owned business that started small, selling one car at a time without an office; the business started as one man on the road, operating as a jobber linking buyers of used cars to auto dealers. The business progressed by words of mouth and networking with others and assisting in car purchases but from there came the vision to obtain an auto dealer license which when obtained kick-started the opportunity of a new vista.

The Visioner is Bosun Ige that upped his game, interacting and learning from them in the business, through networking with dealers and sustained hard work, and honesty, gained the confidence and support of industry practitioners, which made it possible for him to take Eknors Auto to the new height that it is today. On Saturday, April 30, the dealership opened in a grand manner with city leaders present to lend a hand to the upward-looking black business that started in a Guelph personal garage and is now in a visible business district, this is commendable.

Eknors Auto prides itself as a premium used car dealership with a huge inventory that guarantees a good ride of pre-owned cars, with supporting financing, so that it is a one-stop-shop that meets the need of customers. A good point of take-off for interested customers could be a visit to their website www.eknorsauto.ca where contacts for test rides or viewing visits can be booked. The Company director had joyfully organized a barbecue and other great refreshments on the day of their showing and wishes to welcome everyone to join in the celebration and become a customer. Being a black business that started very small, the leader is keen and willing to be a resource fellow that can build others up. NCCEEP is also proud to be associated with Eknors Auto Sales.


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