Ask the Elders: Issue 1


What life advice would give to your grandchildren?

  • No matter what you do have Christ in your life. Everything you do with Christ will be a success. Live the way God want you to live, this is the advice I would give my grandchildren.  -Herma Brown
  • You are unique, there is no one like you. Do not try to copy other people, be yourself. Love God and love others.  -Funke Sabageh
  • Always put in your mind ‘Yes I can, yes I can’ Don’t say ‘I can’t’ and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.  -Mrs. Scholastica Lyanga

What are the most difficult and most rewarding things about growing older?

  • The most difficult is the physical body starts to fail, so many things you’d like to do but the body does not allow you. The most rewarding are the wisdom gained from years of experience and freedom.  -Funke Sabageh


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