Advantages of an Omoluabi


Being an Omoluabi (child of character) can bring about many benefits. By being an Omoluabi, in the industry you will be liked, and you will look like you are doing well and influencing others to also have a good character. However, if your character is flawed, your potential to lead and influence won’t really ever take off, since your intentions will not be trusted, limiting your leadership abilities. Also, by having a good character, you will be more confident of the choices you make in your everyday life, rather than either following others or making unpleasant decisions to outperform others at work. By having a good character, by being an Omoluabi, one will be more successful in the many endeavor they will partake.

Furthermore, people with good character sleep well at night. They take great pride in knowing that their intentions and actions are honorable. People with character also stay true to their beliefs, do right by others, and always take the high ground. They also have less baggage. They’re comfortable within their own skin, and they accept responsibility for their actions. They never have to play games, waste precious time keeping their stories straight, or invent excuses to cover their behind. Having a good character allows one to have doors opened for themselves, their outlook on life is much brighter than one who doesn’t. Also, those who have good characters, once they are confronted by obstacles or difficult situations, they are able to properly adjust and adapt to those situations and make the most out of them.
By being an Omoluabi, we can prevent violent events such as the shootings, fights, stealing, etc. Being an Omoluabi is what we should all strive to be and what we should all try to uphold. I hope that after reading this article, after understanding the advantages of being an Omoluabi, the readers strive to follow even in the most basic manner the main pillars of an Omoluabi such as to be well spoken, respectful, good willed, truthful, brave, hard working, intelligent, and full of character, because as long as one is choosing to follow these characteristics, they are choosing the path of an Omoluabi and making our community better.


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