Your True Character Cannot be Hidden


Someone’s character defines who that person really is and it cannot be hidden. Many people try to change their character when they arrive in a new environment to make a good impression (which is not totally bad). However, the fact that they’re trying to change their character in different environments all the time, can unfortunately turn to a disadvantage. For example: If you go for a job interview in an office that requires management skills and you are not an organized person, no matter how many times you try to make a good impression, sooner or later your colleagues and eventually your boss will find out that you are not a very organized person. As my parents always say, a person’s character is like a pregnancy. That is to say, when you are pregnant, even if you have not said anything, ultimately your belly will show and everyone will know. With your character, it’s the same principle, no matter how you try to hide your character, sooner or later, your true nature will show up. There is a proverb of Félicité de Genlis that says, “our happiness depends on our character.” It is good to want to make a good impression, but do not forget the truth (your true personality) will be quickly revealed.

Lastly, having a good character does not mean being beautiful, tall or smart, but it does means walking with righteousness. Listen to everything you are told, no matter if they are from adults or children, no matter how old we are, it is important to listen.

Some examples are: do not shout when speaking to someone, do not speak at the same time as an adult, think before speaking, etc. I encourage everyone to follow the advice of seniors and keep in mind the proverb quoted above (our happiness depends on our character). Thank you and I hope that from now on, you will try to improve your character for a better future and for more happiness.


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