Working Hard or Hardly Working?


“Activity leads a man to power, but laziness leads to slavery.” Proverbs 12: 24

In life we all seek to give meaning to everything, values that can guide us. We want a reason for the “why”, “what” and “how” of life. We hope that our reason for living will lead us to happiness and peace. So, where can we put the principle of hard work and what does it mean? It has almost become a dirty word because nowadays, people want everything to be given to them, whereas being a “hard worker” is a very good quality for a person. Those who work well are always concerned about the quantity and quality of production and become valuable to society. In “hard work” we mean: effort, endurance, persistence, and diligence.

Each of us has a definition of what this term means to us. So why work hard? Indeed, we do it because we believe in it and plan our lives in relation to our joy and success. It is better for each of us to take the term and apply it to our own lives. In my opinion, working intelligently and vigorously on one thing (school, work, sport, etc…) and doing it in ways that apply, with maximum efficiency without downgrading the quality. To add, every day I get home from school, I give myself a meticulous review, study and understand my lessons to be able to pass my exams. In the evening I go to work and do it with love and passion. I work for my future and to achieve it I must make a maximum effort and keep a positive attitude and the desire to want to do and accomplish. A good definition of hard work also corresponds with that of success.

We want to work less and earn more, work fewer hours and receive more benefits. Be a hard worker, surpass others, do what others will not do and you will not only become a leader, but you will also be part of a rare and top percentile.



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