Work Smarter, not Harder!


“When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade ”.  This fall is a season of new beginnings. Whether that be at school, college, a new job, or moving to a new city, it is important to know that in life, the journey is not always guaranteed to go your way. In a moment in life where things are changing, we must understand and know that we should always be proactive, smart, plan ahead, be prepared, think quick, be innovative, and always looking for solutions. Now with advanced technology and intelligent life hacks, it is easier for people to work smarter and not harder.

Here are some life hacks today that you can use in your everyday life to help with challenges, efficiency, and convenience. Having a great deal of life hacks in your pocket can help make life a bit easier and a bit more bearable.

Life Hacks for Cooking

  • Preserving Herbs: If you want to preserve some herbs, put them in water and in the freezer.
  • Boiling Liquid Spills: To prevent the boiling liquid from spilling, put a wooden spoon over the pot.
  • Faucet Space: If the water from your faucet falls too close to the back of the sink, and it makes it difficult for you to wash your hands, cut a plastic bottle horizontally in half. Use the bottom half of the bottle and cut a hole in it. Put the hole through the neck of the faucet. This will make the water fall further away from the back of the sink, creating more space for you to wash your hands.

Life Hacks for Travelling

Here are some great tips from Headout Blog about traveling life

  • Rechargeable Batteries: Put your rechargeable batteries in the fridge. Most rechargeable batteries retain 90% of their full charge when kept in cold temperatures.
  • Packing Luggage: Roll your clothes when packing luggage. This helps create more space in your luggage and keeps your clothes wrinkle free.
  • Maintaining Safe Belongings: Mark luggage as fragile even if there is nothing fragile inside. This ensures that your luggage will be safely taken care of.
  • Passport Backup: Always have a digital scan or picture of your passport just in case of unfortunate events of theft.

Life Hacks for Cleaning

  • Clogged Faucet: Use vinegar to unclog faucet heads. Place and tie a bag full of vinegar onto the faucet head. Let it sit for a few minutes and then run the water until clear.
  • Garbage Odor: Soak some cotton balls in essential oils and place it underneath the liner in the trash. This will help to get rid of the smell and odor of the trash.
  • D.I.Y Sponge: Grab a grocery store mesh produce bag, like the one that lemons come in. Roll the mesh into a ball and use it to sponge and scrap off dirt from pots and pans.

Life Hacks for Studying

  • Explain subjects and notes to someone in order for you to make sure you fully understand your notes and what you are learning
  • To get rid of procrastination, set a timer for 5 minutes. For 5 minutes you will try to focus as hard as possible. While being completely focused, this will help you forget about any distractions and feel motivated to continue.
  • Say your notes out loud and start to test yourself. This helps you read over any mistakes and information in your notes.
  • Revisit notes every so often and review them by highlighting the notes in different colors. This helps with being organized and clear memorization.
  • Have short study sessions to create a healthy study pattern. Have 25-minute study sessions and 15-minute breaks. This is way more effective and beneficial than long study sessions. Long study sessions cause you to wander and not retain as much information as you would in short study sessions.

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