THE CULTURAL NORM – What is New in your Personal Life?


A multi-cultural society is quite interesting because a clash of different languages, norms symbols, values, etc. will be brought together in proximity raising the possibility of a backlash. It is known that the various cultures took centuries to form, and strong values are held, so that a change may be violently defended. It will be an interesting thought experiment for individuals to search in their minds, as to what they had given up, to identify with or fully integrate into the new society.

Any good list of what constitutes culture will at least include Language, values, Belief Systems, Norms, Government/Institutions, and foods. It can also be said that a link exists between the environment and the stable prevailing culture. When a society is formed over years and holds certain beliefs and value systems, it often will never easily yield to changes except a conquest takes place by a completely different group that imposed a new culture or some catastrophic social upheaval that overthrew everything held dear, and now made worthless.

Culture is a term used to describe the received way of life of a people. It can be further simplified to mean the best solution provided to a widespread problem or an accepted way of doing things. When a group of people is a descendant from common ancestors, they are often found to speak the same language or some form of a dialect of a language; so generally speaking, language could be the closest indicator of a people of common ancestry, when the language is not one that came about by reason of conquest or imposition.

Sociologists have mused among themselves about the validity of all cultures, some thought that when different societal ideas are allowed to exist side by side, one will ultimately dissolve into the other. Some opined that cultures should be propped up, so as not to die a natural death. This may be why certain hegemonic vanguards are allowed to exist because a section of the people view them as strong believers in what their ancestors had handed over to them, although the overall interests of societies will always seek to impose peaceful coexistence.

Yet it will be a good idea to understand that ways of life, marriages, religions, languages, clothing, customs, norms, foods, etc., and the many styles of engaging these issues by different kinds of people are worth examining.  In fact, everyone should be fascinated by the practices of others and by seeking to know what the original question was that cultural practice was attempting to answer. This will enrich humanity, promote peace and understanding. Is there a new cultural practice you had imbibed in Canada and what old practice have you dropped?



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