Papa do Preach


I grew up with lots of poems about hard work. The most resounding idea after respect in an African home is hard work. My parents always encouraged me to reflect on the outcome of hard work; growing up my dad would say, “only from the works of your hands would you be able to gather money”, and from a very young age it was easy to work hard because something good always came from it.

There was always a competition on who was the best. Everyone wanted to be the best and although there were failures, my dad would say, “failure does not mean you are not working hard, it only means you do not know enough of it,” so next time we would try harder. Hard work is great because a lot comes with it.

First, peace of mind that everything is done and hopefully done right. Secondly, achievement and pride in the fact that you got it done. Thirdly, progress. One thing is done and now you can go on to the next thing. The last important thing that comes with hard work is the fact that you will always be ahead. Work is the antidote to poverty. By working, one attains greatness. One must apply himself to his work. Your mother may have much wealth, and your father owns lots of property, however, if you pin your hopes on them, you will always be disappointed. Truth be told, if one has not personally suffered for something, it does not last long at all; but that which we have worked earnestly for, lasts very long in one’s hands.
The world applauds you today, if you have wealth. If you’re in a position of influence or affluence, the world will honour you with smiles. If you are lazy, poor and needy however, the world will mock you. When you see a multitude, refusing to learn, please do not emulate them. Anguish awaits the senseless child, tears await the child running here and there doing nothing, play not with your morning, my friend, apply yourself to work all the time as the day is passing. Do not wait till tomorrow as time passes quickly by. Africans are known for their hard work and always striving to be better. Hard work is a great attribute of an Omoluabi. Omoluabi, a hardworking child of good character.



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