An orchestral movement of vibrant colour and sound
The bend in a rainbow
The jewel in a crown
Less words Better listening
Peace instead of war
Knowledge, understanding
Universal accord
The depth of the ocean
The tint of sky
The warmth of sun
The precision of time
An eagle in flight Above clouds, out of sight
The turning of the moon at night
The falling of leaves from Autumn orange tree’s
Advancement in science curing disease
Intelligent surroundings
Intellectual mind
Unlimited potential divinely refined
In the beginning was the Word and the word was with God
Sculpting energy into matter with fine lightning rod
Creation is present
In our conception of reality
Possibility is defined by the time we spend on our enquiry
Take the time to strengthen the mind and you will find your path
Crack the code of life’s equation using Faith, Science, Art and Math
You are born to craft
The Ancestors coded your hands with tradition and culture
They passed down an unfinished work and you are now the sculptor
Lay down your ego and nurture your seed
Intelligence is the key to truly being free.


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