Why People Lie


Telling the truth is a crucial essential in creating or keeping healthy relationships. It can help with unsettled issues-finding forgiveness in our hearts, and sometimes creating new or deepening and discovering new friendships

Why do some people choose to lie? Well, it’s clear that to be able to tell the truth to others, you must first be able to tell yourself the truth. If you can’t do that, then you can’t trust anyone, so you are going to tell lies all the time. Once you are not able to tell yourself the truth, how will you be able to look and communicate positively and in a productive manner? Well, let me take you on an adventure on how lying begins, and how and why you will be able to overcome it, whether you are big or small!

First things first, why do people lie? Well, lies comes from fear and that fear develops over the years, especially if you have nobody to be there and guide you in the right direction. Mostly it starts from little problems. Usually, the first lie starts when we lie to ourselves. We avoid the truth because we are terrified of how it will make us feel around others. We decide to do this instead because we think that we would rather live with that lie than the truth. We try so hard to suppress it until someone finds out.

People think they lie to avoid hurting people’s feelings, but it leads us to lie to protect ourselves instead. Think this through, who are we really helping here with our selfish actions, them or you?

Did you know that it takes more energy and will power to lie than to tell the truth? Considering this information, why waste your energy on lying instead of quickly telling the truth and getting over it? Sadly this is what some people find the hardest to do.

I’m telling you first hand I know what that’s like, but trust me if you listen and try your hardest you can and will accomplish things and that is how everyone should live. My dear friends let me assure you that this indeed is the “TRUTH”.



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