Truth vs Lies


Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen, family and children. Today we are going to talk about truth, what truth means to me and what would happen if you didn’t tell the truth. We will now start.

To me, telling the truth means you don’t lie and if you know someone is lying you tell the truth. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article.
The first one is telling the truth. When you tell the truth you lift a weight you were carrying on your shoulders.The truth is always the best way to go if you want to stay away from having more trouble than you are already in. That’s what telling the truth means to me.

The second one is telling the truth for someone else who is lying. Most children don’t want to tell on other people if the problem is really grave, like having broken something or having hurt someone. That is the time when you can’t act like nothing happened and you weren’t there. You should go see an adult and tell them what happened. That is what it means to me to tell the truth for someone who is lying.

The last one is what happens when you lie. When you lie the problem gets worse. For example, you ate something and lie about not having touched it. When you say that, your parents or whoever might stop trusting you.
Once you start lying it’s really hard to stop. Then your friends and family can’t trust you even when you are telling the truth. That is what it means to me when you lie.

This concludes my article about telling the truth. All of this could really happen and you could get in really big trouble with your family. This is what it means to me to tell the truth and what happens when you lie.


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