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The land of the blacks, Africa which lies between the Atlantic and the Indian ocean is rich in history, populated by diverse tribes with its incredible landscape teeming with wildlife that is worth seeing, Africa is simply endowed by nature that offers amazing sights from Sunrise to sunset.

From Mediterranean beaches on the North coast to South Africa, there are wonders of landscapes and formations, through the deserts across the mid-African forest down to the capes of the Southern tip. Senegal Indian Ocean to the east bounds Africa to the west while the Horn of Africa and Kenya dip into the Indian Ocean to the East of Africa, In there are nature’s beauty, rich culture, and historical sites worth checking out.

These soothing gifts of nature and monuments have over the years been preserved admirations of local and international visitors which indicated that special land formations or nature by itself are some forms of riches. Let us take an overview of a few places of attraction in some select countries of Africa as a guide for prospective tourists about what this continent can offer in terms of tourism and hospitality.

In North Most of Africa lies Egypt, the established cradle of civilization where the great learnings and thoughts of the ancient tribes have been preserved for posterity. The land of the Pharaohs as Egypt is well known is synonymous with the river Nile, a very long river that stretches across several countries including Ethiopia and Sudan. The Nile is significant for the drive it provides for energy generation and agricultural productivity in its path.

Egypt has the most visited place in Africa, particularly because of the ancient wisdom coded in the ancient pyramids located in the neighborhood of Giza, another Egyptian city. The pyramids are determined to be about 5000 years old based on archaeological findings and historical records. In Giza is the great Sphinx, an imposing limestone statue of a mythical creature with the body of a human and the head of a lion. Its purpose and the sheer creativity in building such a thing in ancient times are amazing.

Other sites of interest in Egypt are the Cairo Tower, Mohammed Alli’s mosque, and the modern museum in Cairo among others.

Wildlife and the harmony of nature are the key allure of East Africa. Kenya offers the best of wildlife and nature’s blend. The country’s forest reserves radiate romance and pleasure. For instance, the Masai Mara National Park is rated as one of the world’s most magnificent game reserves. The abundance of wildlife in this reserve is dizzying. Tourists will feed their eyes with the freely roving, elephants, crocodiles, hyenas, hippos, cheetahs, etc.

The same goes for the Nairobi national park. The city of Nairobi itself symbolizes the nation’s fun haven. Visitors will be welcomed at the stunning beaches, the cultural life, and the capital city’s bustling nightlife. Moreover, the Park of Mombasa, a coastal city promises visitors as well experience.

In the West African region, All Countries there have something to offer, bearing security concerns which is taking the shine off places like Nigeria but they include the sublime beach sites, the native customs that are merely trimmed at the edges by modernity remain things of curiosity. Lots of artifacts are still available where records and objects of slavery are kept for coming generations to see.

The African traditional worshippers never disappeared in West Africa, “Osun grove” in the Southwest of Nigeria attracts hordes of local and international tourists to the yearly Osun-Osogbo Festival. The grove is found in the rainforest part of a town called Osogbo, by the way, Osun is the name of a river. It has been elevated to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the Centre overlooks the great Osun River, the spiritual PowerPoint of the people as they view it. The festival is held in August and has developed into a season grown into entertainment and business, particularly for marketing cultural and artistic merchandise.

The greater offerings of attraction of West Africa lie more in its cultural practices and festivals much more than landscapes or wildlife, although such are also available but not in the scales of East and South Africa, Well celebrated Cultures of West Africa and important spots worth visiting will be Ojude Oba Festival, The Kano Durbar, Calabar Carnival, Argungu Fishing Festival, Obudu hills, the confluence city of Lokoja in Nigeria.  UNESCO heritage sites in West Africa include The Elmina Castle in Ghana, being the first slave-trading port set up by the Europeans in Africa. There is also the Cape Coast Castle. Not to leave out the serene beaches in Labadi and Busua, as well as the Kakum National Park.

Down South of Africa, The Republic of South Africa is filled with classic tourist sites. It is the place where several cultures blend where oceans meet, and histories are made. The contacts and contrasts of various cultures in the Southern part of Africa created struggles and legends and when merged with the geography and ingenuity of the peoples, a great environment was created that is worth visiting all year round. South African museums of historical artifacts and memorials of her struggle against apartheid are well kept. The Robben Island stands out for its political significance because the       Iconic Nelson Mandela was imprisoned there for 27 years. There’s the Krueger National Park, Addo Elephant Park, and a botanical garden at the foot of Table Mountain in Cape Town.

Neighboring the Nation of South Africa is Zimbabwe where the majestic Victoria Falls is located, the fall stands at 350 feet high, more than twice the height of Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada.  There are places to test human stamina like climbing Mountain Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or crossing the Sahara Desert by foot with the Tuaregs. Bold visitors had stayed in Masai mara in proximity to the African big five which refers to Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Hippopotamus, and wildebeest. The season is opening, and the travel season has come, Africa is also a place to check out



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