The Way of Life – Respect


When you were just a child, what did your parents usually say when you were playing with your friends? “Play fair” or “Girls can play with boys toys too” and vice versa. Well, when you get a little older, you start to realize that there is a word for such kind actions that hopefully you listened to. That wonderful word is Respect!

As you grow up you go to kindergarten, this is where they teach you more about respect. For example: learning how to effectively use the Golden Rule, using your manners when necessary, sharing, etc. Then you enter the first grade and school and is now a regular activity you may start to enjoy, and you begin to make more and more friends. Learning to respect you classmates, adults and teachers, just because they look a certain way doesn’t mean everyone has to look and behave in that way (everyone is different).

From now until who knows when, you will continue to realize you must first respect yourself before others may respect you.

Teenagers nowadays sometimes don’t make the healthiest choices in order to live their life to the max. Teenagers get into problems like: Drugs and alcohol, become sexually active, use social media to hurt and disrespect others, have aggressive and abusive tendencies and much more. As young adults, older teenagers need to set the example for younger kids so that they may be able to respect you and learn more about how they can use that to be respected themselves.

This can be a very great skill to have and to take pride in. Being respectful isn’t something you can just wake up and have, it’s something you earn and or gain. On the other hand you can also teach others to respect others and that’s the whole purpose of being an older person; being there to teach younger kids right from wrong.



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