The Elements of Bravery


Bravery is defined as “a quality of being courageous.” Thus, to be brave means to be bold, valiant and to some extent heroic. Someone who demonstrates the qualities of bravery is a person who is sincere, loyal and mostly does things that stand out to confront challenges or difficulties. Furthermore, being courageous doesn`t mean lack of fear, on the contrary, it means that you recognize this fear, accept it but decide to overcome your challenges or difficulties to move on.

Bravery is directly related to self confidence (mental or physical) that allow you to make decisions to succeed in very difficult or uncomfortable situations. Therefore, when we find ourselves in a new environment at work, school or other places where we need to meet new people, being courageous becomes a salient element to exploit in order to survive.

However, bravery is also knowing what risk is in front of us and how to handle it. Consequently, it wouldn`t be logical to just jump into risk, then finding ourselves in situations which would have undesirable results. Honesty and loyalty are very important elements in demonstrating bravery. Nevertheless, bravery also means being capable of listening to other people`s opinions, having the courage to change our opinion and accept that we are wrong when it is the case, showing a willingness to be corrected without feeling degraded. Once more, it is very important to know our limits, to be able to honestly say “ I don`t know” when it becomes necessary and then let others teach us. Indeed, that reveals a great amount of honesty and lifts us up high in front of everybody, thus showing our humility. Finally, bravery is a quality that incarnates a lot of values in a person through their actions, their courage, their thinking and their humility towards others.


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