The Act of Bravery


What is bravery?
The dictionary defines “bravery” as the quality or state of having or showing mental or moral strength to face danger, fear or difficulty.” Bravery can also be defined as the ability to confront pain, danger, or attempts of intimidation without any feeling of fear. It is strength in character that allows a person to always be seemingly bigger than the crisis, whether he is indeed more powerful or less than what he is facing. Bravery is also a quality that is, in and of itself, a means and an end all at once. For instance, in the well-known biblical story of David and Goliath, the former battled with the later and managed to outdo him. Despite the giant’s size and advantage in size, David was not afraid, thus, he was brave. In this case, David’s bravery becomes the essence of the story.

To be brave means to have the ability to endure and courage to pursue what is right. Bravery and courage are two qualities that exist together, and they are both of equal importance.

In order to understand bravery, one must understand its opposition – fear. Fear is an enemy and a cruel one at that. Not only is it important to know your enemies but it is infinitely beneficial to understand them.

There are supposedly the two contemporary greatest human fears along side death – a long standing human fear. But knowing that fear is inescapable, is exactly why bravery is of utmost necessity in life. Fear is the thing that paralyzes, while bravery is the thing that frees. Fear is the thing that chooses mediocrity, while bravery is the thing that takes the risk of chance, a chance that could bring greatness or defeat.

Bravery requires endurance because it requires persistence and perseverance. Bravery requires courage. When I think of all the people I have read about who have exhibited bravery and endurance, persistence and perseverance, I remember Moses and King David. Moses led the Israelites out of their slavery in Egypt and through the desert to the promised land, while David defeated one of Israel’s greatest enemies – Goliath.

I realize that bravery means many different things in different situations. Sometimes bravery can mean being the person who stands out in the crowd, as in the case of Moses to fight for his people, to be their voice. Other times bravery can mean putting up the fight of your life and fighting till the very end. At other times, bravery can mean to be grateful and content and with the state of your present situation, like Apostle Paul. But to be brave, one must show a steady mental and moral strength. One with unstable, poor mental health and an immoral mind cannot endure or be able to act bravely and courageously. To be brave, you must be willing to risk the possibility of terrifying ending. To be brave, is to be alive and to live in such a way that the world knows you are afraid, but you love more than you fear.


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