Telling the Truth is not Always Easy


I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Dear readers, does this sentence remind you of a specific profession or social background? If your answer is no, let me give you a hint, in such a place, we find judges, guilty parties and at times a small group of people. GREAT JOB!! Your Guess was right, THE TRIBUNAL. It is in such places that judges judge different types of people and try to prove their guilt or innocence. The reason I say judges should prove guilt while we already know they are guilty is that some may be afraid, lie or they just dont want to tell the truth-even if these people know that this may be their last chance to be free. Others, however, may perhaps be afraid and just want to be freed, then end up telling the truth. In the words of Grégoire Lacroix “truth, is a lie deflated at the last moment”

It is not always easy to tell the truth, but we feel relieved after doing so. For instance, when your friend tells you about their dream to become a great singer, you share their joy, then you ask them to sing a sample song with their beautiful voice. But when they start to sing, you feel so disappointed (as their voice is so bad). Since you dont want to hurt their feelings you tell them that it is good. A few weeks later, they comes to see you, sad, as they were dismissed from a singing competition because their voice was so bad. How are you going to feel? Sad or happy ? Me, I would feel extremely sad for having failed to tell the truth about their voice when I was asked. Of course. I didnt want to hurt their feelings, but the fact that as a friend I failed to tell the truth would make them more hurt and betrayed.

Truth may hurt ones  feelings but far more better than a lie from a friend. Which means it is better to tell a friend the truth, they may feel hurt, but not for long. Notwithstaning, you would feel much better for having been sincere with your friend than being hypocritical. Furthermore, if you had hidden the truth, you would have that burden in your mind, your conscience would not let it go and that feeling would stay longer than if you had told the truth.

Sometimes telling the truth is very difficult, but after telling it we are overcome with relief. John 8 :32: “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!”


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