As a child we should always respect our elders. Don’t make your parents angry because they were the ones who took care of you when you were little. They sacrificed all their need and hobbies to support you and give you a better future.

Seniors doesn’t only refer to our parents. It also means our teachers, our grandparents, our brothers, our sisters or even all those who meet us on the road who are older than us. So we must always respect our elders and help them too.

In any condition we must never raise our voices against them or argue. We must always have our gratitude and love for them.
Above all, we should respect our elders because they are much older than us. Never call your elder by his family name, say ‘Mister’ or ‘Miss’.

If we are sitting comfortably on a chair and a senior is standing near you, always offer them your seat. Listening carefully while they speak is important and their questions must be answered respectfully whenever they ask us for something with a calm tone. They are older than us and they certainly know a lot more about life. If we take advantage of their experiences, we will have a more secure life. Then, when we are older, we would like to have the same respect for our younger siblings. We will learn many more things and gain a lot more knowledge from them who feel loved and respected. Our seniors have surely experienced things that you could hardly imagine. They experienced little comforts like cell phones and computers like we have today. All the knowledge you gain will help you become better citizens and have a more fulfilling life


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