Spoken Words and What it means to me


As soon as you read the title of this article “Spoken words,” what comes to your mind? Quotes, historical figures, trust, honesty, etc. Well, I’m going to give you a thorough but not boring article on what spoken words are and what they mean to me.

When someone speaks to you and gives you a powerful message in which you decide to remember for the rest of your life, it becomes a spoken word. Famous quotes are Albert Einstein’s “Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work” or “Don’t tell me how talented you are; Tell me how hard you work” by Arthur Rubinstein.

I’m sure you have often been told, “Tell the truth, it’s for your own good”. I suggest you don’t take that lightly, for those words were once spoken by many international and historical figures who have lived longer and know how it works in the world. As a young person, I too have been through a lying stage. If you think that those words were unnecessary well, you are WRONG!!! How many times have you gotten away with it? Very few times, right?

Now to give a little bit of a perspective of a younger child. I believe that spoken words for young kids could mean trust or keeping your word. As a child we have all been through a stage or phase. That’s why these words, spoken by your elders and or superiors, are for your own good, not theirs! We just need to all take the time to deeply understand what Spoken words truly means.

Now that I have very thoroughly shared my view with you, what’s your thought on spoken words? Share this message with others as to what you believe a spoken word is! Take the time as a young reader to really dig deep into this message. Don’t forget these spoken words that I too (not a historical figure) have spoken: “REFLECT ON “SPOKEN WORDS!”


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