Oro Siso and the Law


The Yoruba accord great respect for those who use the language with great expertise and intellect. The language is rich in idioms and proverbs and like the Yoruba, the legal profession equally accords great respect for the intelligent and expert use of language. The proficient use of the Omoluabi virtue of “Oro Siso” (spoken word) is a virtue that is lauded and greatly valued in the legal process.

The courtroom is a necessarily adversarial place. Frequently, unpleasant and difficult topics are discussed and aggressively contested. Emotions run high as justice is pursued through the trial process. A person who espouses the Omoluabi philosophy of Oro Siso will not only get along but excel in this confrontational environment.

The ability to communicate forcefully, accurately, and with immense precision without compromising the position for which you are advocating is a skill. Keep in mind this is all while maintaining an attitude of civility and respect for both your opponent and a system that may not always rule in your favour. These crucial elements are what it takes to be a successful advocate in the justice system. These same skills are also what is required of an Omoluabi.


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