John F. Sullivan Relationship Coaching Clinic


On September 15, 2018, John F. Sullivan gave attendees of Windsor’s WaterWorld, a preview of his book, “Dream Relationships: How to Make the Most of Available Tools for Your Happily Ever After.”

As an author and marriage and relationship coach, Sullivan wants to provide you with the tools needed to have a successful relationship. He emphasizes being ready for when conflict arises. That way when things are not running smoothly, you have the tools in your proverbial toolbox waiting for when you need them.

During the two hour session, Sullivan went over the various concepts included in his book. One of the key components of the book is being aware of the conscious mind and the dynamics of a relationship. There are unconscious triggers that we react to and we need to become more conscious of these triggers in order to have successful relationships. When we become conscious of our own triggers and those closest to us, we can learn to deal with them, instead of simply reacting to them.

Drawing on his own personal experiences, he is able to easily relate examples to the audience and make his advice simple to understand. The audience was very engaged and had the opportunity to ask many questions, making the event more personal and almost like a group session, rather than a presentation.

For those in the community interested in seeking Sullivan’s counselling, “A Sound Mind”, parenting group, can arrange counselling sessions free of charge


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