Iteriba (Respect)


According to Cambridge,
respect is defined as: Admiration felt or shown
for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities
Such as: politeness and honor

Merriam-Webster says we are being respectful when we
Act in a way that shows our ‘awareness’ of the rights and wishes of others

As I sit upon a stack of verbiage
I pull real words from real people
Grinding 5 to 9 in the concrete jungles of just getting by

Respect: as drawn out in the Urban Dictionary is –
Treating people in a positive manner
Acknowledging people for who they are and what they do

But be mindful of this truth
Respect is earned
We must learn the rules of the game
If you’re to be treated in an honorable way
you must reciprocate

The great Bruce Lee once said:
“Knowledge will get you power, but character, respect.”
He also taught us to be like water
willing to bend but don’t break

“One of the most sincere forms of respect
is actually listening to what another has to say.”

Our dear ancestor Maya Angelou taught us:
“If we lose respect for each other, this is how we will finally die.”
When I reflect on respect
I’m brought back to the
deepness of my Grandmother’s eyes
And how she knew,
more than she could say

And how she endured more than she could take
(My Grandmother birthed 24 children)
But one thing always stayed the same
She gave her praise to the most-high everyday
Confucius says:
“Without feelings of respect,
what is there to distinguish men from beast”

The Elders built castles and gave us the keys
We are our Ancestors, wildest dreams

But sometimes we can’t tell the forest from the trees

So I must treat you,
The way I want you to treat me

Respect is a path leading us to peace
My Ancestors were once bought and sold
They carried upon their shoulders, a heavy load

They endured violent disrespect and humiliation
An impossible time to be raised in

But despite the weakness of flesh
the spirit remained strong

If you close your eye’s and listen
you can hear the brilliant strength of their song
They carried the bravest respect for one another
A burdened collection of Sister’s and Brother’s

If nothing else, they still had each other
As they’d
Wade in the water
Wade in the water [children]
Wade in the water
God’s gonna trouble the water

Respect is waking up with a reason to live
Respect is honoring all that the ancestors did
Respect is in the way you value your privilege
Respect is in the way you carry forgiveness
Respect is in the way you treat yourself
Respect is in your willingness to help

So please remember
Respect is earned
We must learn the rules of the game

If you’re to be treated in an honorable way
you must reciprocate



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