Inu Rere (Goodwill)


By: Teajai Travis

I close my eye’s
Before Sun rise
And speak my truth
Beneath the moon
I sing a prayer
I thank Creator for all my gifts
And I ask that peace come onto you
For I know goodwill is not just thoughts
But in the actions that we do
If in the end when judgement comes
our deeds are short and frail
The Kingdoms gates to heavy to move
Enclosed a haunting jail
With time to think and space to see
We watch our path undone
With selfish heart and tunnel view
Sideways our world spun
But with a prayer, a thoughtful word
Our heart re-birthed anew
Once again goodwill is not just thoughts
But in the actions that we do
Honor the teachers, love the children
And invest meaningful time with the youth
Our future will grow broad and flush
barring the fruits of truth
Walk a path of faithfulness
And forgive the steps that stray
For we are not perfect, this is true
This is why we pray
Good onto you and onto me
Forever and a day
Treat other’s the way you wish to be treated
And your peace seldom sway.


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