At the age of six
It all made sense; one plus one equals two
It was all part of a daily routine calculated and on cue
Intelligence wasn’t a big part of who we were back then
I don’t even remember being able write much less even use a pen

At the age of eleven
During this time being smart still wasn’t much of a worry
Degrees, Master and PhDs, hence we still were quite free
To talk about what we wanted for Christmas ; what glee that must be
To go to Toys R Us and get an American doll, instead of doing Algebra
To have so much energy; how I wish I

had such stamina
At the age of 13
Puberty has hit, being number one was everyone’s worry
To be the best looking or the smartest I wouldn’t consider us quite free
Society changing us to be what they believe to be deemed the prettiest
When really what we should be worrying about is who’s the busiest
Doing their homework or studying , that should really be your concern

At the age of 16
Now things get complicated; the looks, the price, and the brand
It’s all so much to quite frankly and deeply understand
How is it that Grade 11’s are so foculized on such stupidity
To want so much in return and most importantly publicity
To be known and seen rather than seen in your books
However it doesn’t matter because the only thing that matters isn’t looks

At the age 18
Your off it’s a new start, a new beginning, a new life
Masters, Degrees, and PhDs are a new beginning just not with your wife.
You’ve got your head in the game ready University or college
The workload will all fall into place just like all your knowledge
That is if you were studying instead of partying
If you exercise instead of overeating
All that intelligence doesn’t just mean being smart
It means knowing when the time’s right to have fun and the time’s right to part
It all plays in that 12 worded noun that will now be engraved as


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