How to be Brave


Today’s topic is all about bravery. When you think about it, everybody thinks, “Oh, bravery… it means being brave!” Now, if I ask you to describe what traits of character make up a brave person, you would probably look at me and say, “Do I look like a dictionary to you?” Well you won’t be thinking that anymore. ladies and gentlemen, let me just start off by saying that anyone can be brave in their own special way.

Do you think that you are the clumsiest person alive and that you can’t be brave? Well honey, get that idea out of your mind just as easily as it entered, because news flash “YES, YOU CAN!” It just takes practice, effort and will. The first step, practice, is usually the hardest. Practice your hardest and be someone who is willing to take good risks. Show that you can’t be shunned by anybody and you can be just as smart and brave as anyone else, then my friend, if I do say so myself, you are on the right track.

Everybody thinks that to be brave you must do extraordinary things, well news flash honey, “NO, YOU DON’T”. All you must do is speak up and show to yourself and others that you won’t be shunned by fear or doubt. It’s just learning to stand out in your own little way. The most important thing is to not give into pressure as it doesn’t always lead to a happy ending. Try to give into the right type of pressure, the kind that will help you advance and become what you want to become. There is no specific procedure to be brave, you just need to be yourself and in your own special way you will become a hero!


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