Helping Others


It’s good to help others because
it’s the right thing to do
and it makes the world a better
place. It can also set the
example to help teach others
how to help people.
Why is helping others important?
It can make people
around you want to help others
too. Simply, it can make
people happy. And it is not
just to be respectful because
it is the right thing to do.
Helping others will make you
feel good and the other people
will also feel good that
you helped them. If you help
others they are more likely to
help you too.

Helping others can make
other people learn different
things. It can also make them
smarter and can make you a
lot of friends, and if you have
a positive attitude you will
bring joy to others. A lot of
times if you are making people
happy you are not just
making them happy, you’re
making yourself happy too.
When you help others you
benefit yourself and others
benefit too.
Thank you for reading, I hope
you enjoyed it.


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