Goodwill Towards Others


Good will is having feelings, friendly attitudes, or collaborating with others without distinction.

If you have a good will towards others you will have something in return. Goodwill gives peace because everyone is happy, and everyone is friendly. To have good will you must have love towards others and the wisdom of not arguing to cause problems. Solve a problem with love and kindness.
It’s good to help people because it gives you joy and you make new friends. When you act in a good way, it doesn’t only do good to the person you helped, but it feels good to yourself.
If you create harmony around you, you will feel good. Goodwill is a good way to show that you are kind and helpful.
The things you can do to show good will are: Helping your brother/sister when he/she has homework, when you are going to help him/her it’s going to make him/her happy, because he/she knows he/she has a sister/brother who can help when he/she needs it. Another way to have goodwill is to be kind to everyone. If you’re nice, everyone will love you and will want to be your friend.
If you don’t show good will towards others, bad things will happen to you. As you can have karma, and nobody will want to be your friend because you don’t show good will. Many people will not help you because you don’t help others. Also, you’re going to have a lot of enemies and not going to have peace.
Treat others as you want to be treated.
When you don’t treat others well, you will not be treated well either. It may be fair to say, but it’s the right thing to do. Especially for your family, friends, neighbors and teachers at school. The way your life is revealed depends on how nice you are to people.
In this article, I explain the benefits of showing goodwill and the inconvenients if you don’t show goodwill. In case you don’t understand the fundamentals, I will show you them. You will not regret showing good will in your life.
Thank you


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