Bravery Poem (Akikanju)


Stand up!

Listen to the tears running wild in the streets
Poverty bending hope with no release
The deafening silence of pain when no one hears the screams
The distance between a child and their dreams when no one believes

At ease Soldier

Put down your sword and pick up your chin
Open your heart and let the Ancestors in
They labelled you lost, unable to recognize your win
The world wrote you off, but it is not the end

Stand up! Begin

Stand in the face of the storm and lift your spirit to the sky
Release your flesh from the fear, flap your wings and fly
Emancipate your mind from the grinding gears of time
You’re a Lion in the jungle standing with your mighty Pride

Be brave

Open your eye’s and pave your way
Creator gifted you the tools to mine your own jewels
Don’t consume the way of fools
Know your worth, stay in tune

Take the lead

Shine you light bright for what’s right plant the seed
Have the nerve to blossom you rose petals in a garden of weeds
When fitting in is what wins, stand out, be free
Inspire minds to unravel the expansiveness of possibility

Be brave enough to step out on a bending limb
Ignite the might of the spirit within

Be brave



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