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Hi, my name is Bernice Babo and you’re watching or listening to the BRC ( Bernice’s Reality Check)

Reality TV show. In today’s Show we will be discussing the topic of “ Hard Work” I’m going to be telling you what it means to work hard and maybe how to change your attitude into a hardworking person! So, we will have two main topics and after one of them we will have a commercial break!
We’re back with today’s first main topic about working hard. Here is a quote from an anonymous survey responder. Take a listen,”Working hard means exceeding expectations.” Well said, ma’am.

If you are expected to hand in an essay report every semester but you hand in 5 excellent ones, that reaching beyond everybody’s expectations. Doing what’s asked but producing more to show that you are dedicated is truly showing that you’re a hard worker. No matter the circumstances in your life you still make an effort to get it done and hand it in on time, despite all your troubles. I dare someone to challenge that description of a hardworking person! Now just before our commercial
break here’s a little pun:
Q: What do you call a hard working pickle?
A: Dill – igent
Haha get it? A hardworking person is usually diligent. Now commercial break!

We’re back with today’s second main topic about working hard folks, here is another quote from another anonymous survey responder. Take a listen guys,”Working hard means persisting when others would’ve given up”.

Now time for a little story. I once knew the CEO of a small company that was going bankrupt. He was eating more than usual and it was making him increasingly obese. One day he had a heart attack at work and the doctor said his weight was life-threatening. From that day forward he woke up at 4:30 and took 2 hour jogs around half of his 150 acres of land . Back in the day when we used to work together I went to his office to get an important document and when I saw him I didn’t even recognize him.

He’s now a fit individual with a healthy weight. Plus just in case you were wondering about his job, his company was saved since another company had an outstanding debt to their company and that company payed them their money, which then boosted his job right back up. Since I have to end today’s episode I want to leave you all with a couple of
quotes :
“Working hard means enduring through unpleasant times.”
“Working hard is also working smart.”

“Working hard is also loving what you’re doing.”
Reread these quotes and in your heart you will decide if you are a hardworking person!


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