Be Unique


Be unique
Do not fall between the cracks of monotony

Be colourful
An interesting expression that is all yourself

Look like you
Talk like you
Dress like you
Celebrate the exquisite talents gifted to you

Be your beautiful self
Sing your beautiful song Dance your beautiful dance
And never be afraid to be you
You are the best you that has
ever lived
Live your best life

Touch the glorious curves and straights of your face
with feeling fingers that belong to you and no one else

Look deep into your unique eye’s
And see your unique face

Read the stories written on every inch of your skin
Don’t skip past the rough patches
Love them

Loving your most difficult memories will only strengthen your self-love
Be a resilient lover of self and love yourself completely

Never stop building your pyramids
Grow every part of yourself

Know yourself so well that nobody can tell you anything about yourself
But be kind and courteous to those who take the time to care

Never miss a learning opportunity

Be humble
Be patient
Be kind

Be gracious for all that you’ve received
Even when we’ve taken nothing we’ve received something
Learn what that something is

Stand tall in this world
Be the best representation of yourself

This is your only job
You are you, not matter what you do or where you go
You were brought into this world as you, and you will leave as you

So, it is important that you
Be unique

Do not fall between the cracks of monotony
Because the world wants to love the incredible being
That is entirely you.


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