Ask the Elders: Issue 3


1.What fascinates you in today’s

I enjoy doing many things in society. I enjoy going to church and helping people. I grew up in the church and the way we used to worship in Africa is different than the way we worship here. The music and types of songs we sing are different in Africa. I also enjoy getting together with people and discussing different things and trying different food, like with the Tea Time with the Senior that Mrs. Afolabi puts on.

2. What kinds of challenges do you face was seniors?

don’t do as many things as I used to when I was younger. When I was young I used to walk a lot and now I cannot walk around as much. People come to help me with my laundry and other chores. I also have more health problems. When I was young I never got ill and had good health, but now that I am getting older I have more issues with my health.

*Questions by Joyce Kalinga and
answers by Mrs. Elizabeth Achirimbi



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