An Act of Bravery


Nowadays a lot of superhero movies are starting to become real. All around us, we are starting to see real life versions of Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk and more. We are starting to see people doing dangerous things that puts their lives at risk.

For example, in May this year, a man in France named Mamoudou Gassama, saved the life of a 4-year-old child who was dangling from a fourth floor balcony. He was recognized by French President Emmanuel Macron, received papers to become a citizen and was integrated into the fire fighters’ team.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that someone who performs actions that puts his life in danger is necessarily considered an act of bravery or a brave person. In my opinion, someone who has done an act of bravery is firstly, someone who can overcome his fears. One of man’s greatest enemies is fear, because when you are afraid of something, sometimes this thing can eventually happen. That’s what Job said in the Bible, Job 3:25: What I’m afraid of is what happens to me; what I dread is what reaches me. When you succeed in overcoming your fear, it is a very great act of bravery, even if you tell yourself that nobody will know it. Well, let me reassure you that one day everyone will know it and they will congratulate you.

Secondly, someone brave or someone who has done an act of bravery, is a person who is ready to overcome his weaknesses, to work hard and give his best to improve. They are especially a person who accepts reproach and uses them to their advantage.

Finally, a brave person for me, is a person who uses his abilities for the good of his community. For example, I’m good at dancing. I’m part of an African dance group and together we perform at various community events. You can do as I do and use your talents to help others. If you are a talented person with children, you can start baby-sitting or if you are a talented person in a certain subject at school, you can start tutoring others. To use your skills for good is in my opinion, a very remarkable act of bravery.



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