A Tale about Perserverance


She was not a good to behold kind of a person. Short, stunted muscular like an ardent athlete. A very outgoing person with a highly penetrative and charming personality. Seldom has she arrived at any place that all will take notice of her. She went from person to person, initiating and sustaining conversations. Her knowledge of issues was deep. From sports to sciences, entertainment to politics, you name it. At her young age in high school, she was an information hub of latest happenings on issues at school, yet was not the type who would meddle into the affairs of others nor gossip on any one.

Not just that she had strong interpersonal skills, she also got brains. John had often been first in his class until she joined the class. The second term came and she pushed John to the second position. Her first position reverberated through the other arms of her class. Her chemistry teacher took special interest in her and began to give her extra attention, as he would always do to any of his good students.

Janette (not her real name) was good at time management like an expert professional. She knew when to play just as she knew when to be in class and employed her free periods from class at the library, attending to her assignments. She always reviewed her notes and jottings before her bed time.

It was a common practice for students to copy from others in her class/school. She detested the thought of it with a passion. She would usually deride those involved in such, asking “where has my head gone that I should borrow from other heads to put on my paper”? She shared ideas with her mates but would often withdraw to her study room and do her assignments alone.

Eventually came the final exams, and since she was always prepared, she did well and earned her high school diploma in flying colors. Her slogan was, every school day is like the final day. Approach it with all the seriousness and eventually the graduating exams will be easy. This, she lived and proved in her daily life.

She earned a scholarship to study for a masters degree at University of Edinborough, after a narrow miss at first class in her first degree. Thereafter she did a course in Australia. Currently, she is studying for a doctorate degree, in her desired and highly cherished field of geology in the United states. Although she came from a very humble background in that interior village in the North central region of Nigeria, she saw herself a global figure and is fast soaring high, overbearing like the cedars of Lebanon. Janette is not just an envy of her peers, she is a model and motivation to the younger ones, and an icon of what determination and perseverance can do. She didn’t have a “magnetic brain”, but she developed one. Surely, you can, if you put all your energies at work to achieve that desired feat. Janette has done it; you can too.


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