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Oro Siso

Have you ever asked yourself, why are you going to school? How will what we learn help us in the future? Honestly, I have asked myself this question many times. How will school help us? How will writing French properly help me? I already know how to speak the language, so I don’t need school (that is what I told myself). Then, I remembered what my parents told me; they told me most of the time that what you write is what you will eventually express. Which means, if I write: I love my mom, when I go to talk, I will eventually say “I love my mom.” Because that’s how I often write it. At that moment, I realized that it was very important that I must take my studies seriously, especially in the French language.

I must make sure that I have a good vocabulary and that I am well educated. For example: Tuesday, June 26, 2018, I went out with my father. On the way my father decided to stop at the store. When my father parked the car, I notice there was a young couple sitting next outside playing the guitar. I took pity, I wanted to give them a few cents, but I did not have any money. Quickly, I saw my father go out and give some money to this young couple. I was instantly filled wit happiness.

At that moment, I had an idea, an idea that will change the lives of the homeless. When I grow up, I will build an organization that will be called, Sense of Life. This organization will aim to help homeless, give them a second chance and show them that with a little effort we can achieve success. The organization will help them go back to school, receive their diploma and get another chance at life.

I can imagine myself grown today and being done with my studies. I will go to the city hall and see the Mayor and other organizations to get funding for my project. I will come to they Mayor and find myself with another candidate who isn’t a graduate but would like also the same funding as me. My conversations will be, for example, “Good Afternoon Mr. Mayor, I would like to ask if you could please help me fund my project, which will help homeless people.” The other person asks, “Mr. John, I would need you to give me money for my organization that will help children around the world.” In your opinion, who will the Mayor help? The answer is obvious, the Mayor will choose the most polite person who speaks respectfully, knowing that by providing his help, he will see positive results. All of this is to say that being well educated will pay off in the end. I encourage all young people to improve their vocabulary and learn more because it can take us very far in life.

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