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Bravery in the face of Danger

What is bravery ? First, we define bravery as a quality of courage in front of danger. However, when we talk of bravery, it is not just about being in danger, bravery is further than that. Being brave is when one can withstand and prevent a situation that is out of our daily activities, to do something which wouldn’t have been possible in normal circumstances. Such an impasse could be an everyday situation, for instance, a student afraid of doing their homework or a parent who must save his child from a house in fire. To prevent such a challenge, one should have that inner mind that calls to go ahead. Although becoming brave may seem simple in writing, it`s more complex than we can imagine. When we find ourselves in a difficult situation which makes us uncomfortable, we may sometimes be scared which could stop us from deciding what to do next. This unfitness to react in frightful or intense situations sometimes makes victims feel shameful. That said, fear is a normal thing in all human beings and we shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Fear is a natural reaction when we are confronted by a situation that may put us in physical or mental danger. It is for one of these reasons that someone could avoid going into a building on fire for fear of being burnt or to stand in front of a group for a presentation for fear of being humiliated. Finally, for a person to show bravery in a difficult situation they should be determined to go ahead. If bravery was easy we would all be good people.

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