An orchestral movement of vibrant colour and sound The bend in a rainbow The jewel in a crown Less words Better listening Peace instead of war Knowledge, understanding Universal accord The depth of the ocean The tint of sky The warmth of sun The precision of time An eagle in flight Above clouds, out of […]


Be Unique

Be unique Distinguishable Do not fall between the cracks of monotony Be colourful An interesting expression that is all yourself Look like you Talk like you Dress like you Celebrate the exquisite talents gifted to you Be your beautiful self Sing your beautiful song Dance your beautiful dance And never be afraid to be you […]

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Iteriba (Respect)

According to Cambridge, respect is defined as: Admiration felt or shown for someone or something that you believe has good ideas or qualities Such as: politeness and honor Merriam-Webster says we are being respectful when we Act in a way that shows our ‘awareness’ of the rights and wishes of others As I sit upon […]