Ask The Elders

Ask the Elders: Issue 9

Question #1. What is a mistake you made and what did you learn from it?

Answer: Once when I was attending Wayne State University, I went to a class that I did not know had been canceled. I waited for over 30 minutes and eventually someone came and informed me that class was cancelled and there was even an email sent out stating so. I learned to always check my emails more often and to make sure that things are still going as planned, and not to make assumptions.

Question #2. Where did you think you would be at this age when you were younger?
Answer: At a young age, I hoped I would be traveling from place to place, evangelizing and preaching the word. But there is still time to hope.

Question #3. What advice would you give to someone dealing with a bully?

Answer: My advice would be not to react and sink down to their level. Keep yourself in a respectable position keep your heart calm in the eye of the Lord. Do not repay evil with evil.

Questions by Elija and answers by Pastor Joseph Sabageh

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