Omoluabi and the law


Bravery has been a virtue in all civilizations since the beginning of time. In Yoruba it is known as “akinkanju” another Omoluabi principle. “Akinkanju” is the character trait that is displayed by courage in the face of risk or harm to an individual. Just as this trait is both lauded and coveted when possessed by […]

Community Events

United Voices : Celebrating African Canadian Excellence

Throughout history, people of African descent have proven their intelligence, courage and creativity time and time again. There are so many examples of black excellence, that one month simply doesn’t seem like enough time to shine well-deserved spotlights on the accomplishments of some truly exceptional individuals. Hosted by local Historian, Irene Moore-Davis, United Voices took […]

Community Events

Relationship Counselling Seminar

On Saturday, September 15th, a relationship seminar took place at WaterWorld, from 10am to 12pm. Marriage and relationship coach, John Sullivan, came to Windsor’s WaterWorld to talk about relationships. He spoke about safety in relationships and how we consciously and unconsciously do things to one another. Sullivan’s relationship advice did not just apply to married […]